Outreach programs for the GBV survivors and Key populations to (HIV Dus MSM , FSW, IDUS,dus)
Distribute IEC Materials interventions we work on
Hotline for HIV GBV
Voluntary counselling and testing for ( HIV, Syphilis, HBV, HCV)
Financial Assistance for the marginalized and vulnerable cases.
Case management for the GBV survivors
Cash for protection for the LGBTI and GBV survivors
Psychosocial Support services for the ( Dus and their families MSM FSW and PLHIV )
Drop in centre (Sport machines ,TV , Kitchen, Safe, place, library, Boxing, Wi-Fi )
Referral service for The (NGOs, INGOs, Governmental ministries, Privet, sector and the other stakeholder.
Support groups for (GBV survivors , MSM, FSW, PLHIV DUs and Dus parents )
Home visits for PLHIV
Legal consultation for different issues faced by our beneficiaries ED (protection, Owners and Tenants GBV any social issues )
Medical treatment and consultation for the Sexual transmitted infections.
Provided prophylaxis treatment (PEP & PREP )
Provided HIV treatment For refugees and non- Jordanian